Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a Green Tea-holic

Is there such thing as a green tea-holic? If there is, I am one of them now and will always be. I used to be a coffee drinker before but when I started drinking tea I just can't start my day without it. I like the way it tastes. I want my tea with a few drops of calamansi and honey or a little sugar to sweeten it up. It is suppose to help me relax and get to sleep fast. I also love chamomile tea for its calming and soothing properties and peppermint tea which are reputed to aid digestion making this an ideal 'after dinner' drink. My personal favorite is Twinnings because it has many flavors to choose from. I also like Lipton Green Tea.

Green tea is exceptionally good for me cos I need to lose some weight faster. Studies shows that it also burns fat and boosts metabolism. It's a mild appetite suppressant that makes you eat less so weight loss becomes a natural process with green tea. It is also a diuretic that removes excess water weight from the body making it looks bloated.

So why not drink tea instead of coffee? (^_^)

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