Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparent's Day 2013

Today is Grandparent's Day. Aaron and Shanley along with their cousins are lucky enough because their lolo and lola are still with them. And also for having a loving and caring lolo and lola. :-)

A Parents Love
~Author Unknown~

I gave you life,
but cannot live it for you.

I can teach you things,
but I cannot make you learn.

I can give you directions,
but I cannot be there to lead you.

I can allow you freedom,
but I cannot account for it.

I can take you to church,
but I cannot make you believe.

I can teach you right from wrong,
but I cannot always decide for you.

I can buy you beautiful clothes,
but I cannot make you beautiful inside.

I can offer you advice,
but I cannot accept it for you.

I can give you love,
but I cannot force it upon you.

I can teach you to share,
but I cannot make you unselfish.

I can teach you respect,
but I cannot force you to show honor.

I can advise you about friends,
but cannot choose them for you.

I can advise you about sex,
but I cannot keep you pure.

I can tell you the facts of life,
but I can't build your reputation.

I can tell you about drinking,
but I can't say "no" for you.

I can warn you about drugs,
but I can't prevent you from using them.

I can tell you about lofty goals,
but I can't achieve them for you.

I can teach you about kindness,
but I can't force you to be gracious.

I can warn you about sins,
but I cannot make you moral.

I can love you as a child,
but I cannot place you in God's family.

I can pray for you,
but I cannot make you walk with God.

I can teach you about Jesus,
but I cannot make Jesus your Lord.

I can tell you how to live,
but I cannot give you eternal life.

I can love you with unconditional love all of my
life . . . and I will!!!

To all the greatest and grandest Lolo and Lola out there, "Happy Grandparents Day! Thank you for giving and raising our parents. Thank you for all the love. Thank you for forever embracing the selfless responsibility of becoming parents.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy BER Months!

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SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, DecemBER!

Yay! Four months to prepare for Christmas! As the Ber Months approaches, more and more people are getting excited for the Christmas Holidays. In the Philippines, Christmas carols will be played in the radio as early as September. Then, we'll start to see Christmas decorations in malls, buildings and street lamps. We can really smell that the holiday season is in the air. I always look forward to the first Christmas song I will hear for each year, last year it was Silver know, Silver bells, silver bells, It's Christmas time in the city. Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, Soon it will be Christmas day........♩♪♫♬*

Still way over a hundred days to go before December 25, but let me be the first to say, and let me now greet you a Merry Christmas! :-)

I remember my lola whenever I hear this song. I miss her so much.

For my hubby :-( I miss you dy...