Friday, July 29, 2011

First LOVE never dies?

Do you believe in the saying that "first love really never die?" That’s what some songs and poems often say. But is there somehow truth behind it? Well, it could be true to some but not to all.

It may sound funny but when I saw this question on one of the forum that I've signed up with, I thought, I'll have to ask my hubby again . (^_^). I remember, I already asked the same question to him before and that if he still have any special feelings for his ex/s. What he just told me is that love actually dies and he don't have any feelings from his past relationships. Maybe the only thing that would never die is the memories that left behind.

In my opinion, first love does not die only when you happen to marry and spend an everlasting love with your first love............... Nine years ago, I met a guy, now he's my hubby. After all, he is my first love, and I know he is the right one for me. And I'm happy to be with my first and true love. 

And now, A song to complete the mood!

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