Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reasons why I love my dear hubby

It's me and my hubby's monthsary today and oh! I forgot to post earlier. In lieu of our monthsary, I was thinking of writing top 45 reasons why I love my dear hubby. And I thought this would be a nice surprise and a gift for him. I love you Norvin

1. He loves the Lord with all his mind, soul, strength.
2. He is my best friend.
3. He is the one I dreamed of every night of my life and the one I think about each day.
4. He is truly a gift from God.
5. He has shown me my true self.
6. He is so CUTE!!
7. He is an even better father than I expected.
8. He is a good listener.
9. He loves me without even thinking about it.
10. He makes all my wishes come true.
11. I never have to ask him “do you love me” he makes me know it everyday.
12. He has a very forgiving heart.
13. I can be myself when I am with him.
14. His idea of romance is a candlelight dinner, soft music, dancing, just the two of us.
15. He always makes me feel like the best is yet to come.
16. He is simply irresistible.
17. He never gives up on me.
18. He has an awesome sense of humor!
19. He can ALWAYS makes me laugh
20. Every time he looks at me my heart skips a beat.
21. I feel safe in his arms.
22. He IS my better half.
23. He is an unbelievable lover.
24. I love that he is so affectionate.
25. He has reachable goals in life.
26. I love that he isn’t perfect.
27. God created him just for me.
28. I love his smile.
29. I love the look in his eyes when he says “I Love You”.
30. I love laying my head on his bare chest and feeling his heart beat.
31. He gets along with my family and friends.
32. I love to watch him sleep.
33. I love the way he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight like there is no tomorrow
34. He makes sure I have everything I need
35. How he forgives me over and over when I do something wrong.
36. How he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.
37. He isn’t afraid to tell me his feelings.
38. He isn’t ashamed to cry in front of me.
39. He inspires me.
40. He is a good driver.
41. He is a good cook.
42. He loves to take showers together.
43. I love how he wants to make up after a fight.
44. He encourages me in every positive thing and steers me away from every negative thing.
45. He is the man I want to grow old with. 

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