Sunday, April 11, 2010

My son's tooth extraction

I brought my son to the dentist last Thursday. After I saw the 2 new tooth ready to come out, I decided to bring him to the dentist. After reaching there, it looked like he was the first one. His name was called and we went to see the dentist. He covered his face, saying that it's to protect my son's eyes from the light. The dentist injected 1 dose of some numbing medicine into his mouth. I can see my son wanted to back out and he keeps telling me "mommy,I wanna to go home". But I held his hand and I consoled him saying that it will soon be over. After that the dentist left the room and told him to wait. He wanted the medicine to take full-effect, which will take about 10 minutes. And then, after a while, my son told me that his mouth was numb already. And that's where the whole thing starts...I saw the dentist holding some plier-like-thingy and used it to yank his tooth out. After what seemed like 15 minutes, everything was over. The dentist told him to rest for awhile to get over the shock and trauma that he may have. Then he told the precautions to take such as:rest, brushing gently (dental hygiene is still important), not wrapping the external part of the extraction site with warm cloth as the swelling will worsen, not rinsing too regularly as the blood need some time to clot. When we went home, I only gave him soup for dinner and told him to rest. Thankfully, there ain't any swelling and fever and I'm glad he got speedy recovery.



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